21 Day Miracle Challenge
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21-Day Miracle Challenge!


So You Can Handle Difficult Times in Your Life and Business with Grace and Ease

Are you ready to stop stressing and struggling through career changes, or relationship, health or spiritual issues? 

This 21-Day Challenge offers the tools you need to greet each day with a deep sense of Peace, Clarity and Joy.

3 Weeks of Comprehensive Training for
a Happier, more Prosperous New You
in just minutes a day!


7 Days a Week

Would you like to…

  • Continuously expect (and RECEIVE) MIRACLES?
  • Develop a greater sense of CONFIDENCE  and WELL BEING?
  • Have more harmonious personal and business relationships?
  • TRUST and KNOW that your needs are ALWAYS met?
  • Feel PEACEFUL… even in the midst of chaos?
  • Take the world OFF your shoulders?
  • Experience a LOVING WORLD?
  • Tap into greater PROSPERITY and WEALTH?
  • Make CHOICES that are aligned with your deepest values?

The 21-Day Miracle Challenge will miracle-girl-med
Retrain your Mind Through 
Experiential Exercises 
and Activation Tools

Daily Meditations 
Daily Lessons 
Daily Exercises
Private, Interactive Accountability-Support Group

Hear what others have said about the program:

 I was in a job that was not suited to my strengths, feeling guilty leaving to go to something better. I had the feeling of being airlifted out of a very difficult situation into a very positive and uplifting one. I’ve had much more peace and I get into bliss states regularly. They are normal. I’ve learned that once I’m in a state of Peace and forgiveness that miracles just seem to happen.


 This program was absolutely fantastic support through a serious cancer scare. I’m feeling so much healthier and I go back and listen to the lessons all the time. I have a knowingness and a certainty that there is a lot more than just this body and this life, and that we can create abundance, health, money and everything that we wish for. I’ve had incredible results from taking the course.


 I am so grateful that I took the class. Things have been happening quickly. I am ready for my writers conference this week in San Francisco. I know I will be picked up by an agent. I AM HAPPY. I AM SMILING. I AM IN FLOW. Money has been flowing into our bank account. We (my husband and I)  are open to whatever SPIRIT wants to send us. I wake up and I am thankful for the day.

Myra   Wendy   Tish Huerta
Myra Willis
Toronto, Canada
  Wendy Toban
Vancouver, Canada
  Tish Huerta
Yorba Linda, CA

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UNLEASH the Power of MIRACLES in your life!





MarBeth Dunn

MarBeth Dunn is an Energy Management Specialist, World Peace Prophet, Miracles Consultant, intuitive, and a spiritual teacher for over 30 years. She helps professionals struggling with career changes, and relationship, health or spiritual issues harness the Power of Miracles, so they can move through life’s transitions gracefully. Masterfully incorporating her energy healing and empowerment techniques with her empathic gifts and intuition, MarBeth can help you access greater confidence, alignment, financial freedom, and more harmonious relationships.

She is an international best-selling author and speaker, former host of TheHavingItAllShow, an iTunes N & N #1 podcast,  and has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, and The CW. Currently, she is on a mission to bring peace and love to those in the Middle East with her World Miracle Peace Experiment. The purpose of the Experiment is to create a united community “blanket” of peace and love through daily 7-minute meditations. For more information about the Experiment, go to http://worldpeaceexperiment.com